Photographs and Memories

I open the book, my sadness ignited,
About so much that was unrequited.

There are endless pictures piled up in that binder,
Each turn of the page a stabbing reminder.

The life that is denied me, the failures I own,
The wrongs that I’ve done, for which I atone.

Those moments in time are memories long gone,
A morning fog disappearing at dawn.

I see smiling faces but instead of joy there are tears,
Anger and regret for the wasting of years.

There’s a hole in my heart that is filled with such pain,
All attempts to mend it have been in vain.

I close the book, I can bear it no longer,
Perhaps next time I will be stronger.


This post was inspired by the Writing 201 (Day 5) Prompt: Fog, Elegy, Metaphor.



   feature. They
 use camouflage
 to hide and wait
   for their prey,
    and scurry
     fast when
This post was inspired by the Writing 201 (Day 4) Prompt: Animals, Concrete Poem, Enjambment.  In addition, some credit should go to my little green lizard, Jumper, who is a tropical anole.
JumperThis is what Jumper looks like when he wants to ask a question. 🙂

Requisite to Trust

Born with the instinct the world is good and is just
Every day is a test of that internal trust
Lies stacked up together on one side of the scale
Increasing the worry that truth is destined to fail
Each leap taken, however, takes back the reins
For the faith that remains is a force that sustains.

This post was inspired by the Writing 201 (Day 3) Prompt: Trust, Acrostic, Internal Rhyme

Center Stage

The road that I traveled was troubled and long
Each turn that I took could have been terribly wrong
But somehow I managed
To not get too damaged
And I found my way the end of that song.

Now the sun’s shining down as I stand under my bonnet
It’s greening the grass as I look upon it
My heart all a flutter
My voice in a stutter
Reciting my journey; words captured in sonnet.

I’m telling my story for the whole world to hear
I’m facing the crowd despite of my fear
As I finish the rhyme
I’m suspended in time
My soul lifted high by the sound of their cheer.


Safe from the sun sitting under my bonnet.
The light greening the grass as I look upon it
In the midst of my scheming
My mind wanders dreaming
To a place where the world is singing a sonnet.

The tune is familiar and filled with sweet rhyme
I’m lulled by the verse and its measure in time
Then with a quick shake
I’m startled awake
Ending my journey into the sublime.

This post was inspired by the Writing 201 (Day 2) Prompt: Journey, Limerick, Alliteration
daydreamingPhoto Source: Andrew from CubaGallery


The current like time
Always flowing without fail
Smooths a jagged stone.


This post was inspired by the Writing 201 (Day 1) Prompt: Water, Haiku, Simile

Photo Source: Jess Gibbs from JessGibbsPhotography